The New Basics

Most of the recipes you’ll find here are generally low on carbohydrates and sugars.

This means no conventional flours, so no:

  • wheat
  • rye
  • oat
  • corn
  • rice
  • tapioca
  • buckwheat

It also means no conventional sweeteners, such as:

  • white sugar (powdered/granulated)
  • brown sugar of any colour or thickness
  • coconut sugar
  • agave
  • maple syrup*
  • honey* (these have a caveat I will explain in the leavening section!)
  • Or even dates and other conventional fruits

However, you’ll realise many (if not most) of the recipes here are desserts, sweets or types of breads which one would expect to have sugar or flour.

The sweeteners and “flours” I use have a (relatively) low or no glycemic index (GI) which means they have a low, or no, impact on your blood sugar levels.

If you have some form of glycemia you will be familiar with all this.

However, if you don’t have glycemia you will probably be familiar with the high peaks of energy you get when you consume something sugary (think athletes drinking sugary water during a marathon), and the low troughs you get when you “crash” after the peaks of consuming something sugary or even sudden cravings for sugars.

Low/No GI foods and sweeteners avoid or prevent these sudden spikes and dips of sugar in your blood, and therefore these spikes and dips in your energy levels. And a whole lot other things…

But this is as “technical” as I will get on this. I am no health or nutrition expert, and there are plenty of books and places online to delve deeper into this topic.

On my day to day I choose to consume low carb (which does not mean I do not occasionally diverge!) which poses a challenge when trying to make the foods I want to eat, and requires the use of alternative ingredients one may or may not be too familiar with.

On these pages (links below) you’ll find some basic tips, guidance and notes on key ingredients I use and possible substitutions.

The aim is to update these posts periodically to make sure they offer accurate and up-to-date advice, based on what I learn through the process of cooking with them.

So watch this space!

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